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2015-2016 CES Officers

Title 2015-2016 CES Officers
Date 2015-06-15

Dear CES Members,

Thank you for your participation in the recent CES election. Based on the voting results, I am pleased to announce the 2014-2015 CES Officers as followed:

Professor Jun Ma, University of Alabama (USA)

Board of Directors: 
Professor Shu Shen University of California, Davis
Professor Zhijie Xiao Boston College 
Professor Zongwu Cai University of Kansas 
Professor Orn Bodvarsson California State University - Sacramenton
Professor Han Hong Stanford University 
Professor Cheng Hsiao university of southern california

Congratulations to those who have been elected. I am optimistic that the continuous support and contributions of the CES Officers and fellow members will lead to even greater success of our association. 

Warm regards, 

Jinlan Ni, University at Nebraska at Omaha, NEC Chair, Voting Member 
Ding Lu, University of the Fraser Valley, Voting Member 
Tony Fang, Monash University & University of Toronto, Voting Member 
Jack Hou, California State University, Voting Member 
Jason Yin, Seton Hall University, Voting member 
Lizheng Shi, Tulane University, Non-voting Member 
Shuming Bao, University of Michigan, Non-Voting Member
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