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CES Event   2010-06-19

Topic Elsevier Author Workshop at the 2010 CES Annual Conference
Organizer CES
Location Xiamen, China
Date 2010-06-19  
Link http://www.paperpub.com.cn/website/Content.asp?contentid=614

CES and Elsevier will co-organize an author workshop as part of the 2010 CES China Conference programming. This event aims to promote and explain the fundamentals and guidelines that authors should adhere to in preparing manuscripts and submitting them to scientific journals for publication. Jenny Henzen, Prof. Belton M. Fleisher, Prof. Philip H. Brown, Xiaobo Zhang and Prof. Dennis Yang will present their perspectives on what they consider to be the basic elements of top quality articles that are published in respective journals.

You can submit your questions of concern while registering, and the speaker will answer them during the workshop. Besides, you will have a chance to ask specific questions in the Q&A section. There are handouts helpful to get published and nice souvenirs for you to take away.

For more details, please visit http://www.paperpub.com.cn/website/Content.asp?contentid=614

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