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CES 2012 held in Kaifeng City  No.29  2012-07-12

CES 2012 held in Kaifeng City


On 23-24 June 2012, the Chinese Economists Society held its annual conference in New Century Grand Hotel at Kaifeng City of Henan Province, China. Under the theme of “Development beyond the Middle Income Trap”, a total of 120 papers in English and 60 papers in Chinese were presented in 45 sessions. They cover a wide range of economic topics in contemporary China. 

James Heckman (University of Chicago, 2000 Nobel Prize laureate), Dale Mortensen (Northwestern University, 2010 Nobel Prize laureate), Patrick O’Brien (London School of Economics), and Wing Thye Woo (University of California at Davis) delivered keynote speeches. Two distinguished Chinese speakers, Zhao Zhenhua (Central Party School of CCP) and Geng Mingzhai (Henan University), presented talks on China’s and Henan’s economic issues at the conference’s plenary session. Highlights of the conference also include four roundtable forums, covering issues of “Financial Impact of RMB Exchange Rate Movement”, “Land System and Urbanization”, “Food Security, Food Price, Food Safety and Agricultural Policy”, and “Environment and Sustainable Development”.

The conference is the Society’s 20th annual conference held in China since 1993. Xu Jichao, Vice Governor of Henan Province, and Lou Yuangong, President of Henan University, welcomed the conference participants at the opening ceremony. More than 200 scholars from US, Canada, China, and other countries attended this conference jointly organized by the CES and Henan University, which is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. After the closing ceremony, the conference participants enjoyed a concert performed by the musicians of Henan University at its Minglun campus.

On 25th June, the Society offered its first Continuing Education Program to its members and the conference participants on Henan University’s Jinming campus. Professors Mortensen, O’Brien and Woo and several former CES presidents shared their experience of research and publication with the junior scholars. The Elsevier Publishing also presented an author’s workshop.   

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