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Bulletin  No.21  2005-09-08

Located in Jiangxi province, Poyang Lake is the largest fresh lake in China. Containing about 97% of Jiangxi province region, the Poyang Lake Basin serves as an important base for China’s economic development and a critical reserve area for biodiversity and ecological protection. Connecting upper stream watersheds with the Yangtze River, Poyang Lake is also crucial in ensuring flood control and maintaining the water level of the Yangtze River. Largely due to its unique geographic setting and the less developed economy in the Basin, Poyang Lake is one of few precious, clean lakes remaining in China. With the increasing population growth and economic development, however, a number of environmental problems have become a concern, including flooding, soil erosion and sedimentation, nonpoint source pollution, wetland depletion, urban sprawl, and water-borne diseases, etc. It would be hard to maintain the unique ecological system and clean water in the Poyang Lake Basin without sustainable development strategies. Given the unique economic and environmental roles of Poyang Lake, it is essential to understand the dynamics and impacts of human activities on fundamental processes of hydrology, water quality, ecology, and human health in order to develop sustainable policies to ensure economic prosperity and ecological integrity of the Poly Lake Basin.  Within this context, an international workshop on advanced watershed modeling and water resources and quality management is organized to facilitate scientific understanding, modeling, and management of watershed processes and to explore management scenarios in support of policy/decision making in the Poyang Lake Basin.

The conference will cover the following themes: (1) Watershed hydrology and fluxes; (2) Non-point source pollution; (3) Ecosystem dynamics; (4) Land use/cover change; (5) Public health; (6) Water resources management; (7) Wetland biodiversity; and (8) Sustainable resources and regional development. The conference will bring well-known international and national scholars to present the state-of-the-art theories, methods, and models on measurement, monitoring, analysis, modeling, and management of human impacts on the quantity, quality, movement, and processes of water resources and ecosystems at the watershed scale.  Through in-depth discussions and exchanges, the conference intends to explore the application of advanced models and methodologies to the studies of the ecosystems of Poyang Lake Basin, and to facilitate national and international collaborative researches on the ecological and hydrological processes of the Basin.

. The Key Lab of Poyang Lake Ecological Environment and Resource Development, Jiangxi Normal University
. The Office of Mountain, Rivers and Lakes, Jiangxi Government
. Jiangxi Association of Sciences and Technology
. The State Key Lab of Remote Sensing Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
. The University of Michigan
. Michigan State University
. Western Michigan University

. Nanjing Institute of Geography and Lakes, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
. The National Key Lab of Surface Water Cycle and Dynamics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
. The National Key Lab of Water Resource and Hydrological Engineering, Wuhan University
. State Key Lab. of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, Hohai University

Abstract Submission

Interested participants should send an abstract of no longer than 250 words to the Program Committee at poyang2005@umich.edu  along with the name, title, affiliation, and contact information of the author (s).  Proposals for whole panels (3-4 papers) are welcomed.  


April 10, 2005 - Deadline for abstracts
April 30, 2005 - Notification of paper acceptance
June 10, 2005 - Deadline for completed papers

Registration Fee for the Conference

Pre-Registration before May 15, 2005: US$80.00 (or 600 RMB).
Registration after May 15, 2005: US$100.00 (or 800 RMB).
Full-time student: US$40.00 (or 300 RMB).

*The registration fee will cover conference materials, receptions, meals, and a banquet.

*There will be a post-conference tour (optional to conference participants) on June 30, 2005.


U.S. Contact:

Shuming Bao
China Data Center
The International Institute
The University of Michigan
1080 South University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
Tel: 734-647-9610
Fax: 734-763-0335
Email:  poyang2005@umich.edu

China Contact:

Liu Ying / Tang Chongjun
The Key Lab of Poyang Lake Ecological Environment and Resource Development
Jiangxi Normal University
437 Beijing Rd. West
Nanchang, Jiangxi  330027
P. R. China.
Tel: 086-791-8507242 / 8507449
Fax: 086-791-8511619
Email:  poyang2005@umich.edu
Web: http://poyanglakecenter.org/
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